S o n y a Holowell



Sonya is a classically-trained improviser and experimental vocalist known for her striking performances of major vocal works and transfigurative improvisations. She uses vast techniques and gestures to highlight the fullest capabilities of the voice as a material of artistic expression; shaping colour, texture and line into pattern and form. Surpassing genre and expressionism, she is guided by a process of deep listening and reverence for ‘the moment’.

Sonya has performed at many of the leading national and international festivals for classical, new and experimental music and has collaborated with many award-winning composers and performers in the realm of sound-based and interdisciplinary art.

Sonya has been Young Artist with the Song Company and was the 2017 Artist in Residence at UNSW with her collaborator, designer Elia Bosshard in their duo Cache in Point. Their recent production of Morton Feldman’s Three Voices won the Critics Choice Award in the Sydney Fringe Festival 2017.

Her second duo collaboration is holowell with pianist/trumpeter Jonathan Holowell. Their improvised performances draw from shared backgrounds in classical, jazz, modal, new and experimental genres, and draw strong connections to visual artforms.
In addition to her work as a performer Sonya is a lecturer, curator and private teacher in extended voice.

This year, Sonya is performing with holowell and Bosshard at Resonant Bodies Festival and is performing a solo set at Soft Centre 2018. She is also a 2018 selected artist in Blak Artists Kinection with Performance Space and Moogahlin Performing Arts.

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